I maintain a constant focus on my coaching stance, characterized by benevolence and the ability to listen with empathy. Ongoing self-awareness work enables me to maintain this receptive stance, ultimately benefiting the client's growth.

These concepts (non-exhaustive list) also inform my practice:

  • Framework of tools developed by Vincent Lenhardt, who introduced coaching to France in the 1980s (RPBDC, 15 parameters, 8 intervention zones, etc.)

  • Transactional Analysis (Eric Berne) to understand individuals' operating modes and improve interpersonal communication

  • The Human Element (Will Schutz) to create a Humanistic, Responsible, and Open work environment

  • Appreciative Inquiry (David Cooperrider) to meet organizational needs by leveraging strengths, successes, and talents.

The coaching profession requires a development path for self-enrichment and self-questioning. Continuous training and supervision are at the heart of this journey.


Every service I provide is bound by the EMCC's code of ethics. This code establishes a secure framework ensuring confidentiality, the professionalism of the coach, and an ethical commitment to the service.

EMCC: European Mentoring and Coaching Council


In cases of services that require the involvement of multiple coaches, especially for interventions with large groups, I collaborate with a team of certified and experienced coaches from various sectors of industry and services. Each individual brings their perspective to the issue, and together we create a tailored solution for the client, harnessing the richness of collective intelligence.